Flow Baby Flow

Who is this course for?

Flow Baby Flow is a great compliment to our Stage 2 courses as it teaches you to ride more aggressively and get the trail flowing underneath you. If you've done one of our Trailbreakers or Chix at Speed courses already, this session is perfect as it reinforces and refines the 'Toolkit' so that you become more fluid and intuitive in your riding and start attacking those corners with more confidence.

How do you know if you're ready for this course? Attendance at one of our Stage 2 courses will definitely give you a 'yes'. If you haven't done one of these, then you need to be able to answer 'yes' to the following skills. If you can't, then you really need to give Trailbreakers or Chix at Speed a run first:

  • Land a 30cm drop
  • Descend on loose or steep descents
  • Negotiate a log or gutter using bunnyhop or front/back wheel lift
  • Negotiate a log or gutter using pedal (or ratchet) kick
  • Understand how to read a line and follow it

The course

We'll teach you how to keep your bike on the line by being dynamic with your bodyweight and letting the bike move freely underneath you. You'll improve your traction and speed by keeping your bike grounded. We look at cornering and teach you how to attack them, rather than fear them. You'll learn to pump through corners and over jumps/waterbars, read the line and carry speed better.

You'll come out of Flow Baby Flow riding more relaxed with more flow and feeling like you're connected to the bike. Essentially, you'll be a more intuitive rider and have the confidence to attack the trail.

A good level of riding experience and ability is required to participate in this course, and it certainly is not aimed at the novice rider or person who lacks confidence.

What you will learn

  • A quick review of the fundamentals
  • Dymamic body positioning and intuitive weight distribution
  • Maximising and maintaining traction
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Cornering - traction, tactics, line
  • Jumps & pre-jumps

Our Trainers

Our professional and friendly trainers are fully trained and are there to ensure your experience. For more information on our staff, check out our page.

How Long?

The course is run in a 4 hour session

Course Dates

Check out the course dates and book now!

Other Stuff

Children under 16 - please contact us to discuss.

* AMBC recommends that your bike be fully serviced by a qualified bike mechanic before you attend this course.

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Flow Baby Flow
Flow Baby Flow
Flow Baby Flow

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