Won Hour Wonders

Who is this for?

Anyone with a mountain bike!

Designed for the busy person, our 1 hour sessions lets you spend time working on one specific element of your riding. Corners, drops, rolls, balance, steps, pedalling, stopping .. whatever! As long as the venue offers the terrain/obstacles/trails to teach and session with, we'll be able to do it!

Our Trainers

Our professional and friendly trainers are fully trained and are there to ensure you enjoy your experience. For more information on our staff, check out our page.

How Long?

The is strictly a 1 hour session

Course Dates

Check out the course dates and book now!

Extra Stuff

Children under 16 - please contact us to discuss.

* AMBC recommends that your bike be fully serviced by a qualified bike mechanic before you attend this course.

Stage 2
Course Dates

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