Blue Mountains MTB Tour

Located 2 hours from the centre of Sydney, the Blue Mountains provides a vista of chiselled sandstone outcrops, hazy blue forests, vast gorges, and wild and scenic rivers. With paths that were built for Victorian-era honeymooners and trails discovered by Aboriginal hunters thousands of years ago, this is a vast and special place for travellers of all interests.

Originally named as Carmarthen Hills in 1788, the Blue Mountains were thought to be impenetrable by the early white settlers of Sydney. The first crossing was considered a critical step that opened the west of NSW to European settlement.

Based in the haunting ghost town of Newnes, our tour will explore the beauty and vista of the Blue Mountains Range in Newnes. With the first recce of the area completed, we've uncovered a treasure of sweet flowing singletrack through canyons, the Wolgan River and around the Newnes plateau, and to say the team finished this recce with a smile on their face is an understatement!

This "Adventure Ride" tour will be centred around the Wolgan campsite and will give you the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty and sites of a bygone era. Rides will be targeted at novice to intermediate levels but if demand exists, we will also be catering for advanced riders and may also offer an expedition to find the Lost City. The ride program for Sunday will allow an early afternoon finish so that people can beat the traffic home in the afternoon.

For those who are interested, we're also offering free skills sessions on the Saturday afternoon. Targeted at the riding features of the area, there will be both a novice and intermediate level session and you can take advantage of this to learn some new skills and/or refine those you already have. This is a great opportunity to pick the brains of our trainers and get some great tips from them!

And don't forget ... you don't necessarily need to be a rider to come along. Non-riders or those inclined to make this as much a sightseeing exercise as an adventure can also check out the local sights including the Glow Worm Tunnel, the cafes & restaurants along the Bells Line of Road and the heritage of Newnes that includes the old Newnes Hotel, the coke ovens and the old railway line.


  • Campsite (tents can be hired)
  • All meals
  • Scenic mtb tours
  • Ride Coordinators
  • A fun social-minded weekend

Outfitting Service

We hire tents, MTB bikes, backpacks, helmets & gloves

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The AMBC Experience

At AMBC, we're committed to providing the ultimate cycling experiences to our guests by including the following unique benefits on each of our tours:

Exceptional Leaders:

Our guides pass the highest AMBC training standards which translates into an exceptional experience and superior customer service for each and every guest on each and every tour. Every tour comes with two or three experienced tour leaders.

Fun & Flexible Philosophy:

Whether you mountain bike for leisure, fun or adventure, AMBC tours have built-in flexibility that caters for all participants. If you want to take a morning or afternoon off, your knowledgeable Tour Leader can help you decide what non-biking options best suit your mood.

Social Evenings:

AMBC encourages social interaction during the evenings to help you become better acquainted with your traveling companions.

In-house Travel Agent:

In order to make things easy and hassle-free for you, we can offer a Travel Agent to assist you with all travel arrangements.

AMBC Tour Pack:

On registration, you will receive a Tour Pack filled with detailed trip specific, regional, training and cultural information to help your prepare for your trip.

Comfortable Trip Size:

A good leader to group ratio ensures you have individual support, attention and the company of high-level Tour Leaders.

Recce Report

Check out the report from the AMBC Team after one of the last recces. All returned with big grins!

This report from Matt....

I have spent some time climbing in this area about 10 years ago and remember the great camping spots surrounded by endless trails, so it was with that thought that we set off in pursuit of new trails ... and we weren't disappointed!

The weather report wasn't on our side as we prepared to leave Sydney. To make matters worse, Aido was down with a bout of food poisoning but the hope of new singletrack corked him up and he made the trip west to meet Ben and myself at the campsite in time for lunch.

With camp set up, a quick bite to eat and a route mapped out, we geared up and headed along the fire trail. Within 2km we'd hit the jackpot - singletrack! We spent the rest of the afternoon railing corners and hooking berms, when we finally got back to the cars we were amazed when the GPS showed we'd clocked 23km of riding with only 2km on firetrail. And this was only day 1!

After a successful day, we cranked up the fire, cooked up, planned our next day and hit the bivvies under a blanket of stars.

The smell of coffee mixed with hope of more new singletrack greeted us in the morning, and we were soon out of camp on the next hunt. This time, we only rode 20 metres before we were again greeted with 25km of even sweeter flowing singletrack. This time descending through a canyon - wow!

So ... in only 2 days we managed to find over 40km of singletrack and hardly touched a firetrails. The tracks were undulating, twisty and mostly smooth going with hardly any climbing. The views along the way were amazing and the camp site.....Well!

This Blue Mountains MTB Tour is shaping up to be better than our last one. The scenery, the riding, the views and the location .. all we can keep saying is "WOW"! If you want to experience some of the nicest adventure riding we have found, then join us on our "Adventure Riding Weekend" for a guided weekend trip of camping and great trails. Happy trails ... Matt de



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