Less than 24 hours to go for BigTrev

6th Oct 2006

Report by Kim Stokeld from the Solo Pit Lane

Less than 24 hours to go and we are hoping that the lead up to Trev’s World Champs endeavour has dealt with all of the bad luck in one go. In less than 48 hours, we’ve individually or as a group faced major flight delays, missed connections, lost baggage, 2 flat tyres on the hire car, taken 2 wrong exits off the interstate and Trev’s precious Scott Genius has suffered 2 bent disc rotors!

Trev and his pit crew of Guy (aka girlfriend) and myself (aka butt-kicking friend who will keep pushing him back out unless he’s dying) have now setup in Conyers, Georgia which is about an hour out of Atlanta. The atmosphere is electric (or rather knobbly) with MTB fever as riders from all over the globe (but mostly the USA globe) have gathered to hit the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Solo Championships with all they have.

Trev has test ridden the 12.9 km course today and reports that the 1st half is sweet, fast singletrack while the 2nd half crosses the highway (yes, the highway) and turns rocky, rough and steep. This part could get nasty if we get rain. Weather today is a sunny 28 degrees but a cool change is forecast for tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s just a cool change!

Trev has been nerves in motion for the past 2 days, but managed to pedal out most of his pre-race jitters today so hopefully he’ll sleep well tonight (he & I both slept little last night – he from nerves, me from an awry bodyclock).

Trev has been carb-loaded, banana’d and hydrated to almost bursting point. On a quest to get some protein into him last night, we dined at a steakhouse not realising it was an Oz steakhouse. Greeted by pictures of Oz wildlife and scenery, the very American-sounding waiter kept asking us about Steve Irwin. He was then surprised at our stunned expressions when he offered us some signature Oz fare such as a Bloomin Onion (a huge onion obviously dosed up on growth hormones cut in a way that it bloomed like an extraterrestrial flower, then deep fried and covered in horseradish), stewed apples & cinnamon on top of bbq ribs (with lots of sugar) and clam chowder (at the same time as the main meal). We graciously declined, stating we eat that type of stuff all the time back home and selected the smallest steaks on the menu. While these came out in an edible portion, ah hem, the margheritas came out in beer steins! Hic! Lucky Trev was only drinking cola!

We’ve navigated through a shopping complex bigger than Telstra Stadium and searched through what seemed like hundreds of aisles looking for something resembling Oz fare in the hunt for race supplies (Guy & I also bought some fab lingerie). The sight of a 12 gauge shot gun on the supermarket shelf got Trev excited while I was trying to envision explaining to the nice Customs man why I had paintball guns, ammo and body armour in my luggage that I bought in an American supermarket! What an experience!

Registration, official photos and pre-race briefing is done and dusted. The biggest laugh was had when an Aussie requested that arrows be drawn on the highway pointing in the direction a rider should look for oncoming cars. You see, us Aussies drive on the proper side of the road and we look right, then left!

Pit lane is almost setup now and the Assorti pit crew have their race plan in place. Trev’s target is returning 2005 age group champion Randy Profeta. I’m not sure Randy will be too happy though when he sees that Trev’s been seeded no. 1 in the category! Hopefully this is a sign!

Race starts 12 noon Saturday 7 October - equivalent to 2am Sunday morning in Sydney!

A quick history on Aussies who’ve podiumed at the World Solo Championships:

2001 - Mary Grigson – 1st Overall Female 2005 - Neil Dall - 3rd Male 45-49

Go Trev Go!!

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