Women's Development

What Is It?

Get a group of women riders together, and you invariably hear the story of their initiation into mountain biking. This story usually commences with "My boyfriend wanted me to come riding with him...." and usually ends with "when I asked him how he rode a technical bit of trail, he just shrugged his shoulders and told me to just ride it".

AMBC have a commitment to helping women getting out onto the trail and to enjoy their riding more by being better skilled. For many reasons, women typically lose the 'play' concept of riding and concentrate more on getting from 'A' to 'B' as quickly as they can. In contrast, men are more likely to play around on their bikes, jumping gutters, playing around with rocks and sessioning technical sections. This 'play' builds skill and confidence, and increases the enjoyment of riding. This is something that women, in general, stop doing when they leave their childhood!

AMBC are creating a Women's Development Program with a mission to encourage and support women in this fantastic sport. We want to inspire women to get out and ride a mountain bike, maybe try their hand at racing, and to grow the pool of talent and have a lot of fun along the way!

To make sure we were heading in the right direction, we sent out a survey asking women (& men) to tell us their thoughts on the barriers (whether they be perceived or actual) to women in mountain biking. The response was amazing and the answers really showed us we were on the right track! Check out the results!

Chix Skills Weekends

Our Chix Skills Weekends cater for all levels of rider and gives women a fantastic opportunity to develop and improve their skills in a fun, social environment. Check out further details on our Chix Skills Weekend page

AMBC Chix Development Race Team

Supported, mentored and skilled up by AMBC, our Chix Development Racing Team will shortly be recruiting. These girls will be very cool! Take a look...

AMBC Ride Like a Girl Jersey

The ladies at AMBC are sick of wearing boring boys jerseys so have designed a very funky "Ride Like a Girl" jersey. Want one? Order yours now!. Click here for more info.

Ride Like a Girl - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Ride Like a Girl - Sexy in Black

Sexy in Black

Female Community with Facebook

An issue common to many female riders is the fact that they don't know any other girls to ride with. We've setup a Chix Development page on Facebook which we want you to use. Keep in touch with what AMBC is doing with Women's Development, find other ladies to ride with or even organise your own social ride.

This is the forum for 'sisters doing it for themselves' .. so check it out, add yourself as someone who likes the page and get involved. The possibilities are endless!

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