AMBC Women's Development Race Team

Entering the racing scene can be a scary and daunting exercise - especially when you are still building your confidence and skill on the bike. To build the profile of women in mountain biking plus also help novice female riders throw their hat into the ring and try their hand at mtb racing, we have put together a Women's Racing Team.

What's it all about?

Our Chix Development Race Team consists of 22 new or novice female riders from Sydney and Melbourne hand-picked from a nomination and selection process.

The Team will take part in various races throughout the year including an Enduro Series and a couple of 24hr events. They will share with you their journey - stories of their training, races, activities and events by means of regular updates on this page as well as Facebook and their online blog.

AMBC's support

AMBC will provide support through:

  • Free skills training
  • Mentoring by our experienced trainers
  • Race strategy and education advice
  • AMBC Women's Development Race kit

Kate, Jody & Kelly - 2010 Scott 24 Team

The Team

Melbourne Sydney
Donna Urquhart
Jodie Palmer
Kate Stoeckel
Kath Lancaster
Lucy Groenhart
Meagan Holloles
Meaghan Cohen
Nadine Le Mescam
Robyn Grant
Tania Tatterson
Tracey Costar
Adele Hanzlicek
Camilla Gunn
Jody Blake
Julie Green
Lucy Hybnerova
Kelly Cairns
Parrys Raines
Rachel Blakeman
Shelley Fearnley
Shelley Valentine
Siobhan Blackett

Race Calendar

The calendar will be expanded once next year's race calendar is finalised and also when sponsor negotiations are completed. Below are a few events our ladies will be presenting themselves at.

Melbourne Sydney
Jeep 24hour - November 2010
Chase the Sun series - 2011 Mont 24 - April 2011
Scott 24 - October 2011
Rocky Trail MTB Grand Prix, Mt Stromlo - November 2010
Mont 24 - April 2011
Rocky Trail MTB Grand Prix - July 2011
Rocky Trail 12 Hour - August 2011
Scott 24 - October 2011

2010 Scott 24 - Race Report from Kate

The Scott 24 was very fun, great vibes at the event and a top weekend all around. Kel and Jody were awesome team mates, and seemed to have brought along everything but the kitchen sink to our campsite! Kim provided a great marquee and set it up trackside - between laps we could watch riders come flying down the hill towards the finish line.

The weather over the weekend was beautiful, and the trails were dry (except in one weird little spot that you had to dip down to and cross a deep puddle!) and well packed. However, they were pretty tough and tight, and windy and rocky in places - a few more skills sessions needed! I think the theory was just to grunt up those parts, but after stacking a fair few times on the rocks, I decided it was far easier to get off and push those sections!! There were some awesome downhill sections with berms, jumps and sweet corners. And riding at night was magic with the mountain all lit up with riders buzzing around like fireflies. It looked awesome!

In terms of racing, I drew the short straw and rode the first lap, which was quite slow with many bottlenecks of riders along the course. Kel and Jody then powered through some hot laps, and we each did a night lap. A team decision was made not to ride the whole way through the night and get a little sleep, which was needed! We each rode one more lap (about a 18km course) in the morning, and in total did 10 laps, placing us second in our category (hmmm, out of... 2 teams... ;-) )

You can see race results and lap splits on the scott 24 website, (the longer lap times are explained by breaks (not bad mechanicals!) where we didn't have a rider out on the course -- Jody was actually the fastest rider!!). There will be photos up soon too, I think you'll be able to search under AMBC Chix Development team.

Big thanks go to Kim for her help and support over the weekend, Jenni from FTP Trainig for all the nutrition advice, CORC for the race entry, all the support from Kel's parents, but most of all to my most awesome teammates Jody and Kel who made the event superb fun and who are simply a pleasure to ride with. You guys rock!!

Chix Development Program

Team Supporters

Our fantastic supporters will be helping our ladies on their mountain biking journey. Thankyou!!


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