Homeground Advantage

Giving Something Back to Clubs

Homeground Advantage is based on supporting riders at a club level by providing customised skills courses developed around your specific needs or requirements.

Working closely with your club, we can develop a skills program that will target the needs of your local riders and the personality of your local trails. We can target a skills program for any level of rider - novice through to advanced ... whether it is to help club members find the best lines and techniques on local trails or give advanced riders that edge with improved skills for upcoming club races, AMBC can help.

Homeground Advantage is only available to clubs and their members, and we'd work with you to ensure it was scheduled to meet your members' interests/requirements and tailored to suit upcoming events.

How does it work?

We offer two models in our Homeground Advantage program. Both models will benefit your club by bringing more to your members plus potentially reducing risk of injuries and improving rider confidence at any hosted events.

Tailored Skills Program

We can customise a skills session, day or weekend for your club. We will cover all event administration including bookings, payments and sending of joining instructions, and provide trainer(s) to cover numbers.


  • Skills sessions/program tailored to your club needs/requirements
  • Event administration undertaken by AMBC
  • Support of AMBC staff for event planning & program development
  • Provision of AMBC's experienced and accredited trainers
  • Heavily discounted per person pricing structure to allow club's to offer value-add to their members

Hire an AMBC Trainer

Your club can "hire" an AMBC trainer to run our standard clinic structure at your venue. Trainers can be engaged for 1 day or for a weekend, and your club selects which clinic(s) are to be run in consultation with AMBC Management*. All event administration is undertaken by your club and your club retains all monies collected. AMBC provides a trainer qualified to run the selected clinic(s).


  • Opportunity for your club to make and retain profit from skills clinics - you decide the price for club clinics and coordinate booking/payment
  • Delivery of AMBC's proven skills clinics - you select which ones
  • Provision of AMBC's experiened and accredited trainers at a per day or weekend rate - cost inclusive of travel.

We have an enthusiastic and well trained team with skills to teach all levels of rider. We have an in house developed program and trainer accreditation program to ensure quality service is delivered. We even have some of Australia's best MTB riders leading many of our clinics.

If you are interested in our Homeground Advantage program or would like to find out more, please give us a call on 0427 207 937.

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