Junior Development

Giving Our Young Riders a Boost

Our Junior Development program is aimed at our new and upcoming young riders with the objective of giving them a headstart with their riding career.

Working with your club or school, we can tailor a development program that will work in with the local racing program and/or the interests of the juniors' riding needs.

Our Junior Development program is only available to clubs and schools, and provides a fantastic opportunity for your young riders to gain and improve skills, build confidence and move to a higher level of riding.

How does it work?

We can customise a program that suits the needs and time requirements of your club or school sports schedule. Whether you require skills sessions to be delivered once a week or once a month, we can program the sessions to suit.

We provide two options as to how a Junior Development program is administered and coordinated:

AMBC Coordinated

We will cover all event administration including bookings, payments and sending of joining instructions, and provide trainer(s) to cover numbers.


  • Delivery of an AMBC skills program targeted at juniors
  • Event administration undertaken by AMBC
  • Support of AMBC staff for event planning & program development
  • Provision of AMBC's experienced and accredited trainers

Hire an AMBC Trainer

Ideal for school sports programs, your school or club can "hire" an AMBC trainer to run a standard junior skills structure at your venue. All event administration is undertaken by your school or club, and in the case of clubs, all monies collected can be retained.


  • Delivery of an AMBC skills program targeted at juniors
  • Opportunity for your club to make and retain profit from the development program - you decide the price for the program and coordinate booking/payment


Costing of AMBC's Junior Development Program will depend on the program structure and timeframe. We will discuss objectives and requirements, and once we work out our resource requirements can put together a cost proposal for your club or school.

About AMBC

We have an enthusiastic and well trained team with skills to teach all levels of rider. We have an in house developed program and trainer accreditation program to ensure quality service is delivered. We even have some of Australia's best MTB riders leading many of our clinics.

Our Junior Development Program is a fantastic opportunity to get young riders better skilled and promising jumping to the next level. If you would like to find out more, please give us a call on 0427 207 937.

Junior Development

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